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Marine and Offshore

marine-and-offshore-productsCatering for the Marine and Offshore O&G sectors, our products deliver unparalleled quality and performance that meet the demanding industrial requirements.

Telescopic boom repair

Discover our broad range of telescopic booms repair now, and hire the perfect company to meet your requirements! telecopic-lattice-boom-repair


Repair of aerial work platforms

The greatly increased use of aerial work platforms in the past decade has consequently led to a greater need for damage repairs on this equipment. A separate workplace was created for the repair of aerial work platforms, that in every respect meets the requirements for the skilled and complete repair of aerial work platforms and their components.

Mobile crane repair

Generally there are two types of crane booms, lattice and hydraulic. They both experience different types of failures which both require different types of repair procedures designed by a qualified person.

Crane repair

Crane repair and manufacture of lattice booms, jibs and telescopic booms. Lattice booms and jibs supplied immediately from stock. Would you like to know what else we can assist you with?


meg4 safety

The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) introduced the Mooring Equipment Guidelines Edition 4 as a succcessor of Edition 3 (2008). The OCIMF is widely recognised as the voice of the oil industry providing expertise in the safe and environmentally responsible transport and handling of hydrocarbons in ships and terminals and setting standards for continuous improvement.

Mooring ropes

Our mooring ropes and pennants are the preferred choice for the Maritime market. The towing pennants are used as tugboat ropes worldwide and the towing pennants are used in applications where shock load or high seas do not occur.



High modulus polyethylene

The strength is higher than that of conventional steel wire rope and the corresponding weight is up to 7 times lower. Its better handling characteristics, buoyancy and increased safety (no lash back) are especially appreciated in towing and mooring applications. mooring-ropes-rotterdam

Fibre Ropes

The characteristics of each fibre rope are governed primarily by the material properties, which may be enhanced or moderated during the production process. However, rope selection is ultimately a balancing act between the characteristics of the material, the rope construction, vessel requirements, operating conditions, environmental and safety concerns and of course, cost.